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Learn HTML [Without tracking]

"HTML pre-alpha knowledge"

Firefox Browser Tips



HTML Basic

HTML document

HTML headings

HTML paragraphs

HTML images

HTML buttons

HTML lists



HTML with inline CSS

HTML with internal CSS

HTML with external CSS

HTML with CSS fonts

HTML with CSS using the id attribute

HTML with CSS using the class attribute

HTML and CSS borders

HTML and CSS padding

HTML and CSS margin

HTML and CSS full demo


HTML head Elements

A valid HTML document with no <html>, <body> and <head>

A valid HTML document with no <head> element

The <title> element defines the document title

The <style> element contains style information

The <link> element defines a relationship to an external resource

The <meta> element defines special meta information

The <script> element defines client-side JavaScripts

The <base> element defines the base URL for all URLs


HTML Scripts

Insert a script

Use of the <noscript> tag


HTML Media

Play a video file

Play an audio file in HTML

Play a Invidious/YouTube video in HTML


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